COVID19 Mask

Covid19 masks for sale in Canada

As COVID-19 continues spreading across the globe, it is becoming more and more important to stop the spread. We live through tough times with the hope of the pandemic vanishing or a vaccine being developed so we can be surrounded by the people we love. As the days pass, various health bodies and ministries have emphasized on the importance of the use of face masks as a primary defense to prevent the spread of this dangerous virus.

Being based in Canada and holding license from the Ministry of Health to supply medical devices, Protect Me Direct has been overseeing the manufacturing and distribution of masks throughout Canada. Making them readily available through retailers and online though our website. Protect Me Direct has helped ensure good quality COVID-19 masks are available to people, when they need them the most and that they meet the recommended requirements. Our masks are manufactured in a Clean Room environment and are sealed in a tamperproof, resealable package to ensure the products are delivered and stored in a safe, secure way.

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