KN95 Mask

KN95 and N95 face masks

There are two main types of face masks that are of help during this COVID-19 era. Many people, however, have not been able to understand the differences or similarities between them. The KN95 mask is the Chinese standard for the US standard N95. The KN95 face masks are required to meet many testing standards including fit tests, resistance, and filtration, before they can qualify for this standard. We perform testing throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the standard is met and the necessary adjustments are made to keep the highest level of filtration with minimum resistance. As an additional step we also test our masks as a finished product to verify the processing has not compromised any of these elements. The KN95 masks we deliver have a high rate of filtration of >95% which will greatly reduce virus's spread and protect yourself and your loved ones. The KN95 masks are light in weight and are easy to store with our resealable package. The masks have a metallic strip that forms to your nose and is very comfortable to wear. Our KN95 Masks have five layers of protection. This combination allows us to meet this high standard:  

50g non-woven fabric / 25g non-woven fabric / 25g meltblown / 25g meltblown / 50g non-woven fabric

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